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Zero Trust.
Zero Knowledge.
Identity Proofing.
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Prevent Account Takeover

By replacing passwords, shared secrets and knowledge factors with our strong security architecture and MFA, 99.99% of account takeover attacks can be prevented.

No Credential Phishing

No Credential Phishing

Without passwords, your users simply cannot be phished.

No Credential Stuffing

No Credential Stuffing

Without re-usable credentials, attackers cannot play guess the password.

No Password Spraying

No Password Spraying

No password. No spraying.

No Stolen Keys

No Stolen Keys

Private keys are stored inside the security chip on the device and cannot be extracted.

No Privileged User ATO

No Privileged User ATO

Prevent account take over of your privileged users.

No Password Fatigue

No Password Fatigue

Don’t worry about users or employees
re-using weak passwords.

No Credentials Database

No Credentials Database

There is no credentials database to be compromised.

security feature spotlight
Security Feature Spotlight

You don’t need to trust your IDP. Prevent insider threats with Absolute Zero™.

Should adopting a Zero Trust strategy require you to trust your IDP?  No. With Absolute Zero™, the user’s authenticity is always independently verified.

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Security Highlights

Our architecture is certified to comply with the toughest security guidelines.

NIST Compliant

We are compliant with NIST’s digital identity & authentication guidelines.

PSD2 Compliant SCA

Our MFA Always uses strong, PSD2 compliant authentication.

Based on proven Technology

We leverage PKI, TPM/Secure Enclave, Blockchain and strong encryption.

Defense In-Depth

One layer is not enough. We employ layered security for every action.

Decentralized Credentials

Fully decentralized asymmetric keys stored inside the device security chip.

Strong Encryption

AES-256-Bit & ECC-512. Only the best is good enough.

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