IDEE Launches its new MSP Partner Program for Managed Service Providers

IDEE Launches its new MSP Partner Program for Managed Service Providers

Written by
Carla Nadin

October 18, 2022

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Once in a while something really special comes along. Since its inception, IDEE has been dedicated to privacy with our solution AuthN by IDEE being the one and only phishproof MFA. Since first bringing our product to market, we have been lucky enough to enjoy great success with the support of our channel distribution partners. During this time, we have established business relationships with some of the channels’ greatest resellers and service providers. Its these relationships that have helped us to understand what’s really important to our partners and to the industries they serve - along with their challenges. That’s why we are proud to announce our new MSP Partner Program, uniquely tailored to managed service providers (MSPs), shaped by what they really want and need.

Managed Service Providers

Traditionally managed service providers have coordinated and supported their customers’ IT infrastructure, often where customers do not have the expertise or resources in-house. But as the number of applications businesses use continues to grow and with more disparate teams evolving, the need for a robust security layer is now more than simply a ‘nice to have’.  

We know that managed services providers are typically ‘always-on’. It’s busy. One of the main pieces of feedback we hear from MSPs is that the deployment of multifactor authentication is challenging, and the perception is that it is long and complicated with a steep learning curve. Many MSPs are also concerned with ongoing management, the cost and how it all works, especially with legacy systems and anything else that customers might wish to throw into the mix. Overall, most feel intimidated by venturing into this space and we’ve seen that this has been holding them back from taking that first step.

When viewed next to market demand however, we know the most significant risk companies face in relation to cyber security is phishing and ransomware attacks[1] and this is growing exponentially - as are cyber security budgets[2].There is certainly a growing appetite for MFA solutions and resellers and MSPs must answer this need for their customers. In doing so they can also enhance their offering, reduce support cases, and grow their ARR/ARPU at the same time. Seems like a win-win, right?

So, what’s the answer?

MSPs are looking for products and vendors that can take the pressure and hassle out of what is very often a new market for them - and we’re here to make that as easy as possible.  

Which brings us neatly on to our MSP Partner Program, which, just like our product, is designed to take the stress away. Contrary to common belief, deploying MFA can be very simple. MSPs can deploy AuthN in minutes and provide a robust solution that prevents all credential phishing and password-based attacks against modern and legacy systems. AuthN by IDEE also protects password-based systems too, and there is no need for a second device. Here’s a quick look at what our new program includes: 

- MSPs can add all their clients’ integrations in just minutes, not hours

- Management is easy with one convenient multi-tenant dashboard

- Enrol users onto AuthN in seconds – you can also automate enrolment via SCIM

- No tooling required – no need to retrain or change any existing business processes

- Consumption-based pricing with no risk – service providers can start with just one user with no up-front commitments

- Our partners can quickly become pro-level with free NFR licenses for all customer-facing staff

- Increased brand recognition with white label options

- A seriously lucrative program with generous and competitive margins

- An awesome support package with sales, pre-sales, tech support training, and marketing tool kits - all backed by our awesome delivery team.

We’re really excited for this new program which we hope will provide the confidence and support needed to facilitate successful GTM for MSPs, plus the renumeration is pretty hot.

Is This Program Right for You?

Are you a managed service provider looking for your next opportunity? We’re looking for the movers & shakers, the celebrities and the rockstars of the MSP world. If this sounds like you, please get in touch: 

Love for IDEE  

G2 recognises AuthN by IDEE Read more on G2

CyberNews: We’re grateful to CyberNews who recently acknowledged AuthN by IDEE as one of the best authentication solutions



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