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More time to kick back or simply get on with growing your business! With industry leading margins!

We get it, you’re super busy. The last thing you want to get stuck into is long, tedious, and complicated enrollments and integrations. Well luckily, now you don’t have to!

Your customers' challenges

Here’s what you’re likely hearing in the market …

I don't want to use a second device for Authentication!

Customers don’t want to or can’t implement 1st generation MFA because of the need for a second device - frequently replaceable fobs, keys, cards, or additional smartphones for all users are expensive.

I have more important projects!

IT teams are under-pressure to always deliver more. With limited time and variable results against phishing, MFA is the one project that is consistently bumped to the bottom of the list. 

Our insurance mandates MFA

Enteprize-wide MFA coverage is increasingly a requirement to get or renew cyber-insurance. Help your customers deploy fast.

We know we should, but we have no time!

The conversations are tough, because traditional MFA is a massive commitment in terms of time, resource, and expertise.


We do need MFA though!

Your challenges

From your point of view, we’ll bet it looks something like this…

It’s a tough conversation!

MFA has always been a hard sell for all its requirements and limitations.

We’re not cyber security experts!

You probably think all MFA solutions require high-level expertise, considerable time and training.

When it comes margins, size matters!

Until now, legacy MFA has not been an area of focus due to skinny margins and "free" tools that won't add to our top or bottom line.

MFA Management is time intensive!

MFA that requires additional devices makes for laborious management Scaling can be clunky with finite help desk resources.

My customer is still exposed to phishing!

Traditional MFA only provides a certain level of protection such as impeding brute force attacks, but still leaves customers vulnerable to actual phishing attacks. It also leaves you with high volumes of helpdesk calls – and nobody needs that!


But you still want to help your customers!

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Here's how we can help:

Protect your customers, prevent account take overs

AuthN by IDEE is not just phish-resistant, it is phish-proof. AuthN prevents all credential phishing, password-based attacks and account take overs.

No second device

Easy adoption. AuthN can be rolled out without any type of second device.

Can you copy & paste? Then you can deploy!

Get phish-proof in as little as just 15 minutes with lightning-fast deployment. There is nothing to install.

Seamless UX designed for users

Users love AuthN. All they have to do is unlock their device. It’s 100% passwordless which means users never have to be given a password ever again.

No user PII (Private Identifiable Information)

With no user credentials there is nothing to hack. Your posture is not at risk when you or IDEE gets compromised.

Legacy systems? No problem.

In addition to remote connections and VPNs, AuthN protects modern and LDAP/ password “protected” legacy systems and without any client or server installations of any type.

Manage your users, your way, the way you always have done

User management is not impacted by IDEE. There is no additional tooling required and no need to change your existing IAM or GRC processes

Easy & effortless

AuthN can effortlessly become a standard within your core-stack. AuthN works with just about every system via standard-protocols like WS-fed, SAML & OIDC


Solutions to protect you, your customers, and your partners!

Full SaaS. Low effort. High margin.

We know you have a million and one things to do, but time-consuming installation, configuration and maintenance tasks for MFA shouldn’t be one of them.
AuthN is full SaaS. Low effort. High margin.


Connect in minutes.
Protect immediately!

Connect with SAML or OIDC or WS-Fed ...
and everything else with API

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Program Benefits


Simple Multi-tenant Dashboard

One convenient multi-tenant dashboard - add all your clients’ integrations in minutes.


Spend More Time Growing Your Business

Enrol users onto AuthN in seconds – yes, we really mean that. Provisioning can also be automated via SCIM.

graphical user interface of integration portal
White Label

Your Brand, Your Product with White Label Options

An opportunity to increase brand recognition and show off your security prowess to your customer base with a white label option that comes at no extra cost.

White Label

Brand EVERYTHING – Seamlessly

Authentication pages, self-service portal emails and app (if required) - all available for Business, Enterprise & CIAM use cases.

white label option for authN by Idee

Get to Know the Product Like a Boss

Get to demo AuthN like a boss alongside protecting your organisation with free NFR licences for all customer-facing staff and 50% off for all other staff.

CLick, point, deploy

Be Autonomous

AuthN is pretty much self-service so requires very little support once training is complete. You’ll be a pro in no time because it’s easy by design!

a person sitting on a red bean bag chair with the arms raised
OUR Support

A Dependable Support Team

IDEE provides all the support you need, from sales & pre-sales training to tech support, training, and a comprehensive ready-to-go marketing tool kit.


We’ve Got Your Back

We’re an authentic bunch of (probably) slightly nerdy but innovative problem solvers, and we really want you to succeed. We know it’s a cliché, but together we win!

Show me the money

golden dollar balloon with pump

No upfront commitments

If this is new for you, relax, you can take it steady. You can start by enrolling with just one user. We will only ever invoice you based on what you have used with no upfront commitments.

Competitive pricing for your customers

As a full SaaS solution, MSPs can offer their customers AuthN by IDEE at an incredibly competitive price point, which is a big advantage. Our simple monthly pricing is based on the total number of registered users of all customers.

Higher percentage margins

You’ll get to earn extra revenue with some of the most competitive margins available in the channel.

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Udo Gärtner, Germany
Couldn't be easier!
“Working with IDEE couldn’t be easier or more attractive. We deployed our NFR in minutes and customer feedback has been amazing. Phish-proof MFA and no need for a second device? It’s a massive differentiator and greatly helps with adoption”.
Bodo Gärtner
Managing Director

Credit lines & supply

IDEE is supported across Europe and North America by TD Synnex.

Getting started

We’re actively seeking the right partners to work with. We want to speak to the movers, the shakers and the rockstars of the MSP world.

Our current promotions make it extremely lucrative for MSPs who join IDEE now and take advantage of early entry.

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