5 Compelling Reasons for Enterprises to Go Passwordless

Written by
Calvin Hoenes

November 10, 2020

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Following COVID-19, enterprise security attacks have led to a massive 429% increase in the exposure of corporate credentials on the dark web. Many of these security issues can be traced to unauthorized access caused by weaknesses in password-based systems. That’s why a better approach to authentication is required. The answer lies in strong passwordless authentication.

Transitioning passwordless authentication can yield numerous benefits for your organization, including a more robust enterprise security risk management program.

Here are 5 compelling reasons to go passwordless today.

1. No more weak credentials

Users will always find ways to use weak passwords. They will also struggle to remember them, reuse them and share them. Weak passwords are easy to crack, and leave the organization vulnerable to data breaches. Passwordless login eliminates this threat.

2. Prevent account takeovers

Account takeovers are a risk even with supposedly ‘robust’ mitigation strategies like Single Sign-On and Two-Factor Authentication. 2FA with a password and OTP does not provide the same benefits of strong, truly passwordless multi factor authentication. Security risks like intercepted OTPs and stolen devices are common, while SSO creates a single point of failure and possible attack. No more account takeovers with strong passwordless authentication.

3. To prevent phishing

Credentials and the users who use them remain the weakest link in the enterprise security chain, and provide the easiest way for attackers to gain access to systems, devices and data. This “phishing” threat is completely eliminated if there are no passwords aka no knowledge factors to phish.

4. Reduce overheads

Passwords come with a substantial financial cost. Deploying a system to create user accounts and manage passwords, hiring personnel to tackle password-related requests, lost user productivity due to forgotten passwords – all these costs decrease with passwordless authentication.

5. Increase convenience and usability

Increased enterprise cyber security or enterprise cloud security with passwords, OTPs, SecureCodes and verification emails often affect user experiences. Going passwordless eliminates these hassles, and also positively impacts organizational productivity and profitability.

Going passwordless has tangible impact on enterprise security

The bottomline is that going passwordless has tangible impact on enterprise security, as well as on cost and productivity. Read more about passwordless authentication, and how it can help you strengthen your organization’s security profile here.

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