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Carla Nadin

October 27, 2023

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What is Point, Click, Protected.? It’s a shiny new product feature that enables any user with low to no technical skills the ability to create AuthN integrations in just a few minutes with no code and no agents to install. Bringing you the fastest, easiest, passwordless MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) solution ever (that also prevents all phishing and password-based attacks including AiTM (Adversary in The Middle)! Yup. That’s right! 

Why Have We Created Point. Click. Protected? 

At the risk of getting all corny and sentimental for a minute, it all begins with why we’re in business. Our goal has always been to make digital identities secure. Today the mission is “… to render account takeover a relic of the past.”

To achieve this mission, we have not only dedicated ourselves to providing the world with the most secure and phish-proof MFA solution, but we are determined to make it accessible to all, no matter what the barriers are. 

But first let’s start with a more detailed look at the problems we’re trying to solve. 

Why Don’t More Companies Deploy MFA?

We speak to hundreds of customers and service providers, and they all offer the same familiar market feedback. Not to oversimplify it, but the challenges often come down to these three main things:

  1. Second Device 
  2. Resource and/or Expertise 
  3. Budgets 

A Second Device for All Employees for MFA 

Many authentication solutions rely upon a second device for the authentication flow, such as somewhere to send OTPs (One Time Passwords), QR codes or SMS notifications. It doesn’t have to be this way, but this is certainly the market expectation given that this is the traditional method of authenticating. Albeit outdated and totally outmoded, it is what most people draw upon when thinking about MFA. 

In our experience, companies no longer have the appetite for this, if indeed, they ever did. The cost and logistical effort involved in deploying this type of technology is too vast. Most organizations don’t want to and cannot provide every employee with a second device (a smart phone or token) for MFA. Furthermore, most employees are not comfortable with using their own devices for company-based tasks - others might not even own a smart phone.

Additional cell phones, fobs, USB keys and other tokens quickly become price prohibitive for small and medium sized enterprises. Take the cost of the hardware and then the cost of managing it. Tokens especially get lost, they need to be reset, you need two or three per employee and it is logistically challenging. It’s a big project and the project board is already full – right? 

Luckily, we’ve already solved this one! Any registered device is an authenticator with AuthN. This means you only need one device, and registering a device takes just a few seconds! Check the demo below!

Not Enough Resource or Expertise to Deploy MFA 

Organizations might not have the right expertise in house and if they do, it is very rare that IT (Information Technology) Teams have nothing to do. IT Teams are overstretched enough as it. This leads to a bit of a chicken and egg scenario: MFA would certainly help alleviate some pressure, especially passwordless MFA or phish-resistant MFA. However, organizations are still struggling to prioritize medium to longer terms projects over day-to-day firefighting. 

Organizations therefore need something that can be deployed in minutes and that does not need the skills required to build the Millennium Falcon! And this is the main focus of this development. Keep reading... the demos are just coming up!

Budget Pressures Make Deploying MFA a Challenge 

So, you decide you’re up for the challenge but maybe you’ll just start with a basic “free” MFA app. In our experience, this can get extremely expensive very quickly. Once you begin to factor in all the additional licenses, risk-based access, conditional access, and additional cell phones or tokens you are going to need, it is no longer cheap or free. 

Based on what we know (and at the time of publishing), before working with us, our customers were spending between $200-$300 per user per year for MFA on average. This is a large sum no matter what size your organization is. 

Organizations need help with cost savings right now, more than ever. We can deliver on this too. 

It is our firm view that everyone should be protected with MFA. The alternative could be even more costly. This is just to illustrate some of the difficulties we know the market is going through. All the while of course, the trends remain the same. Threats continue to rise, and the criminals become ever more innovative. The need for robust authentication has never been so acute. 

AuthN by IDEE Releases, Point. Click. Protected. 

It is with great pleasure that we present to you, Point. Click. Protected. We think AuthN by IDEE is probably one of the fastest MFA solutions available today, BUT it just got even slicker. You now don’t have to be at all that “techie” to create a Microsoft 365 integration. With Point. Click. Protected., it really does just take a couple of steps. No code. No Agents to install. Fully SaaS (Software as a Service). 

Here’s how…



NB: To federate is the same as to integrate! 


We all know what the problems are, but companies need real solutions. We hope that being able to set up AuthN by IDEE in seconds with all the skills of a modern-day 5-year-old might help! Couple that with a solution that protects against every credential phishing and password-based attack, and we think we have something special that everyone can use, and no one should be intimidated by. And just like that…. We removed the dark art! Poof! 

AuthN by IDEE Multi Factor Authentication:

  • Super-fast integration – integrate M365 in seconds. 
  • Protects against all phishing and password-based attacks, including AiTM.
  • Zero Passwords, Zero Trust, Zero PII (Personal Identifiable Information), Zero Knowledge, Zero Agents. 
  • No second device required – Any registered device is an authenticator. 
  • Challenger pricing. 

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What to see what else is new? Check our last product update.

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