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AuthN by IDEE Product Updates August 2023

Written by
Carla Nadin

August 15, 2023

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You know what you need? Better MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)! Luckily you are in the right place!

Here are your latest updates:

  1. Built-in SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) Support
  2. SCIM (System for Cross domain Identity Management) For All
  3. Branding Available On All Products
  4. Transitive Trust
  5. Out-of-the-box Experience

You tell us what you want, and we deliver. Some of these features are brand new and others are now being-rolled out to every product edition due to popular demand. All these updates are ready immediately.

Built-in SIEM Support

What you might be wondering is where are my logs? Well, we now provide built-in SIEM support meaning that if you want to apply access strategies post-authentication, with conditional or risk-based access, you easily can.

Built-in SIEM

The built-in SIEM support is available for Sentinel,Q-radar, Rapid7, SPLUNK and Naggios. And while we remain 100% committed to a strict zero-PII strategy, you can now enable granular access strategies without sharing any user data with us.

What does this mean?

  • Centralised logs management all in place. Admins! You no longer have to visit the IDEE portal to review logs or monitor user login activities. This means you get to save more of your precious time and spend it elsewhere (we know you're already super busy)!
  • There is no need to learn how yet another logs management system works.
  • Benefit from actionable insights to help you prevent suspicious activities.
  • You have total control over where your logs are stored.
  • Total privacy.

AuthN by IDEE remains totally passwordless with full-protection against all credential and password-based attacks, while remaining zero trust, zero knowledge and zero PII (Personal Identifiable Information).

SCIM Now Available on All Product Editions

You know what it’s like. There are new starters, temporary workers, leavers, and long timers, but how to keep up? One thing is for sure, everyone that works at your organisation needs to be protected with MFA and you need to know that those logging into your systems are who they say they are. However, manually adding and removing users on a constant basis can be a drag (even if you can keep up).

Automatic User Provisioning & De-Provisioning

SCIM now allows you to skip the overheads associated with manual user management. You can finally kiss goodbye to those weird ghost accounts and be sure that only authorised users can ever have access to enterprise resources.  

  • Support for SCIM is now available on all product editions.
  • With SCIM, Microsoft clients can automate the provisioning and de-provisioning of AuthN by IDEE.
  • Automation supports best practices and access management hygiene.
  • Creates a favourable licensing opportunity.

Branding Now Available on All Product Editions

Branding is one feature we have had a lot of feedback on. Whether you are a service provider or ultimate end-customer, your brand identity is important.

Having your technology branded with your own recognisable logo and style will increase user trust, buy-in and loyalty and helps to support a consistent user experience.

It is now possible to brand AuthN with your own corporate identity on all product editions.

Transitive Trust

Transitive trust means end-to-end phish-proof MFA with no fallback to phishable factors and ensures that the complete user identity life cycle is immune to phishing, provable and cannot be subverted by a privilege insider. 

So, you have more than one device that you use for work. Maybe this includes your desktop, a laptop or tablet and your work cell or mobile phone. Wouldn’t it be great if each one of these devices that you use daily could be an authenticator? With AuthN any device can be an authenticator which is why you only need one device to perform MFA.

We’re making it easier for you to make all your devices authenticators. Adding a new device can only be performed using existing trusted devices. This feature means that users no longer have to approve their new device via email or push, offering a level of security that would make even Fort Knox green with envy! What’s more, it is achieved in just three steps. Simple. Quick. Easy. Secure.

Adding a new device is safe & easy with Transitive Trust

This flexibility is now available in all product editions.

Out-of-the-box Experience

This new feature supports an end-to-end passwordless, straight out of the box.

  • Users can now setup their device and MFA at the same time without ever having to choose a password.
  • The technical implementation of AuthN by IDEE takes just a few minutes and the end-user roll-out is now also greatly accelerated for work-from-home use-cases.
  • Azure AD-only clients can now set up AuthN without ever setting a password.

Passwords are ridiculous. They are out-dated, outmoded and they are the weakest link. They cost money to manage and maintain, they are not secure, and they are just a bit of a pain for users and admins alike. It is time to move on. End-to-end passwordless means no passwords at any stage of the lifecycle, such as adding new users, account recovery or anything else. Ever.

Out of the box experience is available to all product editions immediately.

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