Cyber Insurance

Unleash phish-proof MFA for next-level cyber insurance.

There are three main ways for an attacker to gain access to your systems:


Phishing & stolen or compromised credentials


A system vulnerability (unpatched or out of date software)


Through the backdoor.

AuthN by IDEE will protect you against the number one cause of breaches (compromised credentials such as phishing and password-based attacks).

We will reduce your risk of a breach by 80%.
For everything else, you need insurance!

Al Lakhani talks to Dennis Okpara

Al & Dennis discuss cyber insurance and MFA and ask the question, if AuthN by IDEE is phish-proof, who needs insurance?

All Businesses are at Risk of a Cyber Attack

No matter what size your business or industry, the risks are very real. You could be a freelancer working from your grandmother’s spare bedroom, or a business with 20 or 20,000 employees, anyone and everyone with an Internet connection is a legitimate target. Ransomware attacks are brutal and indiscriminate. The aftermath of an attack is very often fatal and can spell the end of business altogether - especially for SMEs.

Having a disaster recovery plan in place can be the difference between an uncomfortable (if not inevitable) misfortune verses a full-blown professional apocalypse.

Cyber insurance is the calvary, and for that, you need MFA.

Here’s How Cyber Insurance Can Help: What to Do After a Breach

The minute you detect a breach is the minute you need to engage your recovery plan. It should look something like this. If this looks daunting – cyber insurance is the way forward (because this is what it covers).


Emergency response on hand to help when you need it.


Experts that can help stop or contain a cyber-attack.


IT forensics, data retrieval, ransom negotiations and security fixes.


Legal experts to deal with regulators, GDPR and any claims against you.


Someone to deal with bad press and reputational damage, crisis and reputation management.


Downtime is expensive and so are ransoms, the cost of a breach, loss of data and legal costs.


Training for staff and help with improving posture.


Better security and preventative measures to keep you secure.

You cannot get cyber insurance without MFA.

Speak to us today and we can help you qualify for the cover you need.

You Cannot Get Cyber Insurance Without MFA

Some things are just better off together. Macaroni & cheese, Beyonce & JZ, and, of course, Cyber Insurance & MFA! Insurance companies will not provide cover without MFA. But there’s a reason why cyber insurance and multifactor authentication is a winning combination (well there’s a few actually):


Underwriters need to reduce risk, both for their customers and themselves. They need to support their customers’ in achieving the best possible security posture.


Companies need to do everything they can to keep their IP, assets, employees, partners, suppliers, and customers safe as part of a robust cyber security strategy.


The vast majority of attacks originate from phishing or stolen credentials, which can be prevented with the right MFA such as AuthN by IDEE.

MFA is by far the most effective way to reduce or fully prevent phishing and password-based attacks, which is why insurance companies now require organisations to have multifactor authentication.

“Phishing accounts for 90% of ransomware attacks, and compromised credentials are responsible for 80% of all breaches - worldwide. Deploying MFA is the most effective and proactive measure a company can take to combat adversaries in the fight against cybercrime.”

Al Lakhani

Founder & CEO, IDEE GmbH

About AuthN by IDEE for Cyber Insurance

AuthN by IDEE is for Everyone

Traditional MFA comes with its own challenges, especially for smaller businesses, who often struggle with budget, time, and expertise. But we believe MFA (and cyber insurance) should be accessible to everyone, so AuthN has been specifically designed for you and to eliminate these issues.

…And, now that’s MFA is sorted, you can qualify for the best cyber insurance cover!

MFA with No Extra Costs – Same-Device, Passwordless Solution

Instantly slash your initial outlay and annihilate any ongoing managements costs, with no additional hardware (smartphones, fobs, or tokens), simple and low-cost licencing, and no more expensive password or update management.

Easy & Fast Deployment - Integrate in Just Minutes, No Code

You and your team don't have to be cyber security experts. Our integrations are quick and easy. Integrate Microsoft 365 in just a few clicks with absolutely zero code!

Highest-level Phish-proof Security for Cyber Insurance

Insurers are looking for evidence that you take cyber security seriously. Elevate your security game. Protect your organisation from the most common cause of breaches and delight your insurer at the same time, proving you are a security ninja!

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AuthN + Ergo Partnership

AuthN by IDEE offers the highest level of authentication security and is a trusted partner of ERGO Versicherung AG.

The IDEE & ERGO partnership aims to address the most common cause of cyberattacks and the biggest challenges for businesses and insurers alike.

The new insurance option offers comprehensive, preventive protection with AuthN by IDEE included at no extra cost alongside its compressive cyber insurance cover.

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