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In today's digital age, safeguarding data is more crucial than ever. AuthN by IDEE is an unrivaled Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution that is passwordless, same-device, phish-proof and fast deployed.  

Designed for everyone, from seasoned cybersecurity experts to small business owners, our platform ensures easy integration, superior UX with same-device authentication and maximum security. With AuthN, enhancing security measures is as simple as a few clicks, empowering anyone to protect their assets from account take-over.

‍ERGO sponsors the software for one year for the first 100 new contracts!
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Why AuthN is Part of the ERGO Bundle – Overview

Zero Hassle MFA Solution
Our same-device, passwordless solution eliminates  the need for extra hardware or smart phones meaning management is easy and low cost and users particularly love the user-friendly experience.

Effortless Integration
Integrate Microsoft 365 in minutes with a few clicks – no coding or cybersecurity expertise required.

Top-tier Security
Impress clients with our phish-proof security solution, protecting their organization from breaches and demonstrating your dedication to their security.

What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an extra layer of security. It requires users to provide multiple forms of verification before gaining access to a system or application.

Traditionally, MFA works by the user signing into a platform with a combination of “authentication factors” such as passwords, biometrics, or security tokens, to prove their identity.

MFA significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access and security account takeover - ours eliminates it completely!

What is AuthN by IDEE?

AuthN by IDEE is a superior MFA solution designed to address common pain points faced by businesses. Unlike traditional MFA solutions, AuthN offers passwordless, same-device, phish-proof and fast deployment MFA.

We want to assure our potential customers that AuthN is designed to be easy and secure for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise. It’s so easy that anyone can set it up. Even the step-by-step video guide is only 2 minutes – integration is a breeze. No coding required!    

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing the highest level of security; and unlike other MFA solutions, we're phish-proof not just phish-resistant. This level of security is why ERGO has chosen to partner with us, offering you the best deal for cyber insurance.

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Your Exclusive Offer 

For the first 100 new contracts, ERGO sponsors the software for one year!  

As an ERGO broker, you can enjoy preferential pricing and your customers can benefit from complimentary MFA when implementing AuthN by IDEE.
Please refer to the terms and conditions below for more details.

Ergo Cyber Insurance with AuthN T&C’s:

Criteria: Maximum of 10 employees per company 1 integration (for example Office365) Only valid if AuthN has been successfully rolled out .

In addition to the software the insurance policy will be extend by the following paragraph: For companies with annual revenue of up to EUR 10 million, the following provision applies: Once the "AuthN" software is installed on the IT systems of all insured companies, continuously used, and kept up to date, the insurer will not invoke a (possible) breach of duty according to Clauses E.1.1 to E.1.4 if a phishing attack results in an insured loss. In cases where the policyholder or an affected insured company cannot clearly prove that it is a phishing attack, confirmation from the forensic service provider mentioned in the insurance policy that a phishing attack is highly likely is sufficient. For insured losses up to a total amount of EUR 10,000, such confirmation is not required.

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Vielen Dank für dein Interesse an Ergo und AuthN. Bald wirst du durch die sicherste MFA-Lösung im Universum geschützt, gepaart mit dem besten Support-Team, die der Versicherungsmarkt zu bieten hat - los geht's!
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Looking for an MFA Solution Suitable for Your Industry?

We know there are specific requirements for every industry, but we mean it when we say, we have a solution that fits any application.

Whether you are in the highly regulated banking sector, require a deployment suitable for roaming users, or you are looking for MFA to secure cyber insurance, we have your magic elixir.  

Critical Infrastructure (KRITIS) & NIS2

The aim of the NIS2 Directive is to ensure that cybersecurity measures are taken across seven sectors, which are vital for the economy and society, and which rely heavily on ICT. This includes energy, transport, banking, financial market infrastructures, utilities, health care and digital infrastructure. A same device, zero trust solution is ideal for these industries. 


A solution that lets users securely login based on their own identity even on shared machines, means an end to shared passwords and an end to all credential phishing and password-based attacks. 


Looking for a secure, same-device solution that users will love, and that can be deployed to the whole workforce? AuthN by IDEE is an all-in-one MFA with no additional extras, hardware, or tokens.


MFA is a pre-requisite in securing vital cyber insurance and for good reason. We have partnerships with insurers and brokers that need to be able to offer their customers real solutions to phishing.

"IDEE GmbH offers a new way of thinking for securing and leveraging digital identities with best-in-class security, privacy and usability."

Stephan Hachmeister

Managing Director, Capital Markets

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AuthN by IDEE

AuthN verhindert alle Phishing- und Passwort-bassierten Angriffe


Überblick über Angriffstaktiken, die zur Übernahme von Konten aufgrund kompromittierter Anmeldedaten führen.

Die Anleitung

Passwortlose Authentifizierung

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