Next-Gen Authentication
and Authorization.

Adopt Zero-Trust and protect your organization from the risks of work from home with completely Passwordless Authentication by IDEE.

Security by Design.
Built on proven technology.

Client side hardware generated asymmetrical cryptography combined with a private blockchain for verifiable security.
IDEE GmbH is a proud supporter of TeleTrust e.V. and commits to a strict no backdoor policy.

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Privacy by Design.

We believe privacy is a fundamental right and that is why we do not store any PII (personally identifiable information).

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Easy Integration.
Into just about everything.

We integrate with your favourite cloud applications through standards such as SAML, OIDC, RADIUS and more. We also offer custom plugins to help you eliminate the risks of passwords and weak authentication...everywhere.

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Next-Gen Zero Trust.
Critical for compliance.

Next-gen Zero Trust.
With insider-threat prevention.

With AuthN you do not need to trust your IDP. You are protected against account take-over and insider-threats when your IDP is compromised.

Immutable & always on.
With private Blockchain.

By leveraging our private blockchain you can optionally run your authentication even when we are down. In addition, the authentication and authorization audit-trail in immutable.

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