Multi-Factor Authentication

Don't settle for average.
Multi-Factor Authentication
made in Germany.

App based MFA with 100% OWASP score, a zero-trust architecture, privacy by design & not a single password. Ever.

Prevent 99.9% of attacks on accounts, including phishing, with a super fast time to market.

Improve Security

With the only MFA that reduces your identity & access mgmt. risk exposure up to 5 times.

Achieve Compliance

Compliant with PSD2, GDPR. A solution that doesn't store any private data.

Increase Productivity

A fun, slick user experience ensures that user productivity goes up, not down.

Reduce Overhead

Less expensive than hardware tokens and without the cost of managing passwords.

No Phishing

No Account Takeover

No Password Fatigue

No Credentials Database

Works everywhere,
including your custom applications.

View all Integrations

Easy to use for
users and administrators.

Secure authenticator app for iOS & Android to login simply by unlocking the smartphone.

Web Portal for administrators to manage apps, users and integrations.

REST APIs & Dashboards to easily monitor, log and control who has and maintains access.

Multi-Factor Authentication

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