Udo Gärtner Deploys AuthN by IDEE MFA Overnight after Breach

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What happens when a major breach starts to quickly accumulate costs and business grinds to halt? Well, you need a really swift resolution. Preferably a solution that fixes the issue forever moving forward. Find out what happened to a major supply chain partner when they fell victim to a successful phishing attack and how their MSSP, Udo Gärtner managed to provide an over-night fix, that was deployed in just 15 minutes across the company.

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The Company

About Udo Gärtner

Udo Gärtner’s customer is a major supply chain partner in the food and drinks industry and connected to one of Germany’s largest retailers.

A security breach in one part of a supply chain has the potential for far reaching and devastating impacts well beyond the original source and can serve as an attack vector to further third-party targets. And this is exactly what was attempted.

The Challenge

Successful attack hit Microsoft 365 (M365) accounts.

The successful attack hit the customer’s Microsoft 365 (M365) accounts. Third party email recipients began to receive cleverly designed phishing emails and legally binding contracts, apparently, from the customers’ own domain.

The attack was sophisticated, using masterfully constructed DocuSign forms to fool its recipients into giving up vital data.

Research & Troubleshooting

Third party e-mail recpipients.

As soon as the issue was reported, Udo Gärtner got to work. They reviewed the emails. They completed an urgent analysis into the customer's DNS records, authentication methods (SPF and DKIM), and performed email forensics.

They needed to see whether the emails were sent from outside of the customer domain or whether the email had been sent directly from the customer’s M365 account. Unfortunately, it was the latter. This meant that the customer’s M365 account had been breached.

After further research, it was discovered that there had been numerous login attempts on the server and that the account had fallen victim to a brute force attack – a popular tactic used by cyber criminals.

How Does a Brute Force Attack Work?‍


of all attacks are caused by human error such as phishing according to a 2022 whitepaper of Munich RE.

2022 whitepaper of Munich RE

The Solution

AuthN by IDEE Deployed in 15 minutes!

Udo Gärtner deployed location-based IP blocks, and within just 24 hours of the breach, had also implemented phish-proof MFA AuthN by IDEE.

AuthN can be deployed in as little as 15 minutes and protects against all MiTM (Man in the Middle), credential phishing, and password-based attacks. Email traffic swiftly resumed, and revenue began to flow once again.

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The Outcome

Kiss goodbye to password-based attacks

A phish-proof future as Udo Gärtner and it’s customers kiss goodbye to password-based attacks.
Unfortunately, attacks like these are not rare and this was not an isolated incidence. This attack was attempted on multiple M365 accounts managed by Udo Gärtner and as a result, Udo Gärtner has now decided to implement AuthN by IDEE as the standard for all current and future accounts.

As an MSSP, the company simply cannot risk the liability for customer damages, and it is vital to have one hundred percent confidence that customers won’t be phished.

Companies can protect their people, their networks and their entire ecosystems by just deploying AuthN by IDEE. With AuthN credential phishing & password-based attacks are not possible! If you are an MSP, or a Microsoft Sales professional, AuthN is now available for automatic deployment directly from the MS Azure Active Directory and provides margin-rich opportunities beyond the standard E4 & E5 licenses. It would also have prevented this attack!

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