Passwordless Authentication

Plug-n-Play. Zero Trust.
100% Passwordless MFA.

Award winning, Enterprise-wide, Zero Trust Multi-factor Authentication as a Service. AuthN by IDEE eliminates all phishing and password based risks and reduces the cost of administrative overhead.

AuthN by IDEE.

Your fastest time to market for your transition to passwordless across the enterprise.

Increase Security

AuthN is interoperable and can be deployed in addition to your existing SSO, hardware-token and password-management investments. Whether stand-alone or integrated, realize a tangible reduction of your risk exposure by completely removing the password.

Without passwords there is nothing to phish, intercept or steal.

Insider threats and human errors are also reduced with no central credential databases of any kind. Our  completely passwordless multi-factor authentication can keep your attackers at bay and keep you out of the headlines of tomorrow.

For Your Clients

Increase your security so you don’t lose your clients.

Professional services firms have some of their clients’ most sensitive data. Hackers specifically target these firms. A breach would result in, up to 50% of, your clients transitioning away from your firm.

Let AuthN help you remove the risk of passwords and the threats of phishing, account take-over and identity theft constantly faced by your clients.

For Your Customers

Your customers deserve improved security.

Account take over (ATO) is estimated to cost the industry $27bn in the US alone in 2020.

Protect your customer and your subscriber base with our strong customer authentication (SCA) solution, AuthN™, to avoid long, costly and distracting remediations such as password resets.

For Suppliers & Partners

Protect your supply chain’s security as your own.

Our research shows that the supply chain is three times more likely to be the focus of politically, financially or state sponsored attackers.

With AuthN, your data, your IP, inventory and all sensitive supply chain data is better protected and so is your operational uptime and business continuity.

For Employees

Protect your employees from themselves.

The technical sophistication levels required to obtain a password are extremely low, from phishing and key-logging to brute-force. SSO makes it worse as a single attack can negatively impact multiple systems and endanger your entire security position.

AuthN allows you to deploy totally frictionless MFA technology on corporate and employee owned devices with best-in-class controls such as multi-party authorization and immutable audit-trails.

Improve User Experience

Security solutions have traditionally been synonymous with a degradation of the user experience. At IDEE we are changing that with AuthN™.

Our security is built such that, no data entry is needed to login.  This sounds counter intuitive, but if there is nothing to type, malware cannot steal it.

All the user has to do is biometrically unlock their phone, to login with a smile. Yes, no email, no username, no passwords, no tokens.  

For Your Clients

Impress your clients with your very own branded authentication app.

Access to your client facing systems requires remembering yet another password and entering another 2FA six-digit token branded by a 3rd party (e.g. Microsoft or Google authenticator apps).

With AuthN, you can use your corporate branding in your very own authentication app and offer login to your clients without any data entry.  Yes, no email, no username, no passwords, no tokens.  If you already have your own app, use our SDK and enable passwordless MFA in your own app.

For Your Customers

Introduce your customers to login without any data entry.

You hate to remember and enter usernames and passwords.  So do your customers. No one wants to remember yet another password.

Increase customer engagement by 92%, by removing any data entry. AuthN™ offers a super slick UX. Your customers only have to biometrically unlock their phone, to login with a smile. Yes, no email, no username, no passwords, no tokens.  

For Your Suppliers & Partners

Offer a differentiated supplier and partner login experience.

You hate to remember and enter usernames and passwords.  So do your suppliers and partners. No one wants to remember yet another password.

AuthN™ offers a super slick UX. Your suppliers and partners only have to biometrically unlock their phone, to login with a smile. Yes, no email, no username, no passwords, no tokens.  

For Your Employees

Jump start your digital transformation journey with every login without data entry.

You hate to remember, change, and enter passwords.  So do your employees. No one wants to remember yet another password.

AuthN™ offers a super slick UX. Your employees only have to biometrically unlock their phone, to login with a smile. Yes, no email, no username, no passwords, no tokens.  This works both on corporate and private employee phones with the highest level of privacy and security.

Achieve Compliance

AuthN™ is built on technology that ensures that each authentication is demonstrably unique. This is critical in compliance, because we are able to guarantee the non-repudiation of every authentication and authorization.

Additionally, we are able to commit transactions to the blockchain to create an immutable audit trail. This helps you achieve regulatory compliance or meet business critical requirements.

For Your Clients

Guarantee that only your clients are authorizing sensitive transactions.

Your clients authorize many sensitive transactions (e.g. payroll, tax filings, etc.) within your systems. Many of these transactions require proof that it was indeed the client, and only the client that was authenticated when the transaction was approved.

AuthN™ allows you to digitally guarantee that only your specific client was authenticated when sensitive transactions were authorized.

For Your Customers

Support your efforts for regulatory compliance.

Due to the many global regulatory requirements, it has become critical for you to prove that your customer indeed provided authorization for a given transaction. The two most common examples are privacy consent and strong customer authentication (SCA).

With AuthN™ each authorization is cryptographically signed to ensure that it was indeed your customer, and only your customer, that could have completed this transaction. When needed, an immutable record is created for audit and compliance purposes.

For Your Suppliers & Partners

Strengthen trust between your partners and with your suppliers.

Your partners and suppliers authorize many sensitive transactions within your systems. Many of these transactions require proof that it was indeed an authorized employee of your partner or supplier that was authenticated when the transaction was approved.

AuthN™ allows you to digitally guarantee that the specific employee of your partner or supplier was indeed authenticated when sensitive transactions were authorized.

For Your Employees

Provide an immutable audit trail for sensitive transactions.

When privilege accounts are compromised, attackers are able to often delete transaction logs to hide their trail. This is how hackers have remained undetected in global companies for years.

AuthN™ allows you to preserve audit trails for sensitive transactions that cannot be tampered with.

Reduce Costs

The cost of password management is ranked from high to very high in all IT budgets. Activity based costings (ABC) estimations suggest a cost per user per year of more than EUR 400.

With AuthN™, you could save this hard-earned bottom line whilst improving your security posture, user experience and business outcomes.

For Your Clients

The passwordless VIP experience reduces your costs.

Password and account self-service options aren’t suited for highly valued clients with around the clock engagements. And running a dedicated helpdesk with the appropriate levels of privileged user controls is cost prohibitive. But what if your clients never needed to endure passwords?

AuthN removes passwords. And all associated pains, management concerns and costs.

You win, your clients win.

For Your Customers

Reduce your password related costs.

Having millions of individual users may have forced you to implement self-service options. But this doesn’t reduce your cost of a forced password reset as a result of a breach. But what if your customers never needed to reset passwords?  

With AuthN you can forego the direct passwords, self-service systems and end-user authentication support costs. You win again.

For Your Suppliers & Partners

Reduce your supplier and partner management costs.

The rise of e-commerce has lowered the net profit margins in many sectors now exposed to a global competitive landscape. Yet there is also increased pressure from your supply chain for more accessible and user-friendly systems they can use in order to do business with you.

With AuthNyou save on the systems, licenses, processes and workloads associated with supplier or partner passwords. This makes you and your bottom line, happy.

For Your Employees

Reduce your password management costs.

Employee password management costs are well studied and it is suggested they cost in excess of €400 per employee per year.

With AuthN you can save these costs and send each employee on a company paid trip every year!

Get the security upgrade.
Plug-n-Play integration.

Your favorite applications, SSO and password managers receive a plug & play security upgrade. AuthN supports open standards (e.g. RADIUS, SAML, OIDC) and offers custom plugins to help you leverage the additional benefits of AuthN, such as remote logout.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Let's get the basics out of the way...

Which options do I have to unlock my device so I can authenticate?

Your choice. Biometric, PIN, pattern.  Anything that Windows, Mac, iPadOS, iOS, and Android support.

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Can I use AuthN to login to a desktop app?

Yes, AuthN allows the user to authenticate both to a website or an app.

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Are multiple accounts supported via Web-AuthN?


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Can I use AuthN with multiple accounts on the same device?

With Web-AuthN, multiple accounts can be setup on a single device.

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Are multiple user devices supported?


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What happens to the user's IDEE account when the user's account from our IAM system is deleted because of termination ?

Once the user is deleted on your IAM system, the user can no longer access any of your systems. Our clients can automatically delete that account on IDEE by leveraging SCIM.

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Where can a user see a list of all her authenticators (devices)?

The AuthN app has a list of all the authenticators. In addition, the self-service portal also has a list of all the authenticators.

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What if a user loses their device?

No Problem. We offer secure recovery mechanisms to restore access on a new device and let the user immediately delete lost devices.

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Does the user have to use biometrics to use your solution?

We support any unlock option supported by the device. For example, we support fingerprint, facial recognition, pattern, and PIN for Windows PCs, Android, and iOS. For Mac we support TouchID.

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Can a user login when her phone is offline?

No problem.  We offer offline login if the user wants to use her phone and WebAuthN if she wants to login phone-free.

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How long does it take to integrate with M365?

It only takes about 15 minutes.

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Does IDEE offer a free-trial?

Yes. Adminstrators can setup users to use our AuthN product for free for 30 days. You can sign-up here:

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Does IDEE perform external IT security audits?

YES. IDEE conducts external IT security testing/reviews in addition to our routine internal security testing and audits. Cobalt, a security company based in Berlin and San Francisco, conducted a security testing/audit of our services in April 2019. BishopFox, a security company based in San Francisco, conducted a security testing/audit of our services in January 2017. We are also ISO 27001 certified.

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Does IDEE's technology prevent phishing?

Yes. We put an end to all phishing and password-based attacks.

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Does IDEE's technology prevent insider threats?

Yes. We prevent malicious and negligent privilege insider attacks.

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We don't want to permit the app to have access to the phone camera. Can we still use your solution?

Yes. Instead of using QR-Code Login, which requires the use of a camera, you can make use of Push Login or Web-AuthN Login.

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Does IDEE offer an on-premise solution?

IDEE provides a SaaS solution. On-premise deployments are technically possible, and are included in our Enterprise plans.

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Do you support browser-only use cases?

Yes. We support browser-only use cases on the PC, Mac, and mobile.

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How do I unlock my phone?

Your choice.  Biometric, PIN, pattern.  Anything that Windows, Mac, iPadOS, iOS, and Android support.

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What PII do you collect about me?

We only ask for your email in certain use cases. We never store your email in plain-text. It is always hashed when stored. We do not collect any other PII.

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Do users have to manually register for your service?

No. Users can be auto-enrolled in the background.

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Are you storing any private customer data?

No. IDEE follows privacy by design principles. We do not store any private customer data (PII).

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How quickly can I integrate IDEE in my environment?

In as little as 15 minutes. We support common standards such as SAML, OIDC, RADIUS, and many more to make integration quick and easy.

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We don’t have an app. Can we still use your technology?

Yes. We can provide you with our white-label app. We also support Web-AuthN for web-only use cases.

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Does it work with an existing SSO?

Yes. IDEE's AuthN can be seamlessly integrated with your existing SSO solution.

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How are you different from Social Logins?

Social logins create a single-point of failure, we don’t. Social logins are suseptible to password based attacks, we are not. You have to trust social networks, but you don’t have to trust us (Zero Trust Prevent & Persist editions).

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Our Promise:
Security + Privacy without sacrificing Convenience.

Security doesn’t have
to be painful for users.

Yes, security comes first. But what’s the point of the best security if your users constantly try to get around it (e.g. using a sticky-note for complex passwords)? Our user journeys are built following UX best practices to allow for a seamless, passwordless experience AND strong security.

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Privacy is a right. We don’t want to know who your users are.

Your users will never be our product. We commit to Privacy by Design through data minimisation and anonymity. This means we only use the minimum data required to keep our services operating. Nothing else.

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Plug-n-Play. Zero Trust.
100% Passwordless MFA.
AuthN by IDEE.

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