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Completely Passwordless.

Learn how to integrate IDEE's passwordless, zero-trust authentication in just minutes using SAML 2.0 and IDEE's AuthN Zero Touch Portal.

Connect OKTA + IDEE's AuthN
in just 10 minutes.

Read the Integration Guide


Add Integration to AuthN
Zero Touch Portal.


Add IDEE AuthN as Identity Provider in OKTA.


Add Routing Rule in OKTA
enable login with AuthN.


  • An OKTA Sandbox or Test Environment
  • An existing Account on the AuthN Zero Touch Portal. Request your free trial here
  • A User registered in the AuthN mobile app

Our Promise:
Security + Privacy without sacrificing Convenience.

Security doesn’t have
to be painful for users.

Yes, security comes first. But what’s the point of the best security if your users constantly try to get around it (e.g. using a sticky-note for complex passwords)? Our apps are built following UX best practices to allow for a seamless, passwordless experience AND strong security.

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Privacy is a right. We don’t want to know who your users are.

Your users will never be our product. We commit to Privacy by Design through data minimisation and anonymity. This means we only use the minimum data required to keep our services operating. Nothing else.

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